Janet Hoa

Dr. Pak was approachable and knowledgeable. I came to him for a second opinion on a bunionectomy. He was open and honest with his opinion offering a more conservative approach rather than surgical. I appreciate his honesty and in taking the time to answer all my questions.

Felix Yanuaria

I was looking for a place to take care of my nails which needed to be removed because they were overgrown and started developing fungus. I put it off for a long time mostly because I wasnt sure how much it was going to cost. I found Dr. James Pak and his website. I thought it looked very professional and trustworthy. I gave them a call and the receptionist Linda was incredibly helpful. I was not familiar with health insurance but Linda helped me navigate through it. Linda tried really hard to help me understand my situation and I really appreciate her help. We found that I didnt have the relevant insurance, so Linda explained how much it would be. The procedure was out of pocket, but I thought it was very affordable and about nearly half of the rates I was seeing online. I accepted the offer and we worked out a day very easily because they were very flexible. During my visit, the staff was very friendly and helpful. The doctor made it clear what my options were and all the steps I would need to take once the nails were removed. He made me feel comfortable and ensured that I would not feel any pain when the nail was removed. The only discomfort I felt was when they used needles to inject the anesthesia, but thats part of the procedure and it just felt like pinches. The doctor asked me if I had any questions throughout the process and talked with me while performing it so that I wouldnt be so focused on any discomfort I was experiencing, including anxiety. We finished in less than 30 minutes and they explained everything I had to do after. I know its a long read, but I hope I encourage others to take care of their nails as soon as possible so you wont have to feel self conscious about them anymore as I did. The staff here did a great job facilitating this whole process and sincerely recommend them!

Denesse Ferraez

Dr. Pak and his staff are wonderful professional people. Dr. Pak listens and takes his time while asking and answering questions. When I did my MRI I was in his office in a few days and he explained my treatment and options. I truly recommened Dr. Pak. Sincerely, D. Ferraez

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